New Curbing or Speedbumps

New Curbing or Speedbumps

Speedbumps are a great way to reduce speeding through your complex or parking area, but they can become an eyesore once damaged. Snowplows can’t always see speedbumps or humps as they plow your lot, which can cause damage requiring repair.

The same can happen to the curbs around your lot. Over time, curbs and speed bumps can deteriorate under normal wear and tear, especially in busy locations. If it’s been a while since you’ve had maintenance done around your parking lot or complex, you could be dealing with:

Faded striping that needs repainting
Asphalt that needs to be repaired, seal-coated or replaced
Deteriorating speedbumps or humps
New curbing to replace damaged sections

410-Asphalt: Your One-Stop Shop for Curbing and Speedbumps

At 410-ASPHALT in Crofton, Maryland, we handle the smallest of homeowner’s asphalt and concrete needs up to the large commercial jobs requiring complete replacement.

We have top-notch asphalt and concrete specialists on staff available to complete your residential or commercial paving and resurfacing projects. If you’re a homeowner living in a complex that could use new curbing or speedbumps, 410-ASPHALT is ready to make it happen.

We handle many concrete needs besides curbs, including:

Retaining walls
Foundation repairs

Minimizing On-Sight Injury

Whether you live in a community with common areas or are a property owner looking to update your parking lot, consider 410-ASPHALT in Crofton, Maryland, for the job.

Having a parking lot with crack-free asphalt or concrete surfaces is the best way to minimize on-sight injuries of your staff and customers. Even at home, cracks and potholes in your driveway or sidewalk make walking and playing risky for your family and friends.

Have 410-ASPHALT Do The Work So You Don’t Have To!

Why do the work yourself when you can hire the professionals at 410-ASPHALT to do the work for you?

Late spring weather is a great time to lay asphalt. So, if you’ve been thinking about getting your driveway or parking lot resurfaced, give us a call today for a free estimate.

Consider 410-ASPHALT for all your concrete, residential, and commercial paving projects. Don’t be fooled by the asphalt in our name. We also have extensive concrete knowledge, whether it’s a standard pattern or decorative stamped concrete for your driveway, patio, or sidewalk.

Stop ignoring the unsightly curbs covered in tire rash and paint with crumbling edges. You won’t have to keep looking at those speedbumps that have seen better days, that you can almost see delaminating from the pavement underneath as you read this.

Call 410-ASPHALT in Crofton, Maryland today at 410-277-4258! We always offer free, no-obligation estimates. Let us come out to assess the damage caused by snow or normal wear and tear. And if you’re a homeowner that needs your driveway or sidewalks repaired or replaced, we’re available as well – no job is too small for the pros at 410-ASPHALT!