New Patio 4 Steps to get Starting

4 Steps to Starting Your New Patio Featured ImageNow that summer entertaining is ramping up again, wouldn’t a new patio be the perfect place to gather your friends and family? Putting in a relaxing outdoor patio is a great way to get a bit of the “home away from home” feel without having to leave your property.

If you’re ready to begin the process of building a new patio, take these steps to make it happen.

1. Figure Out the Design of Your New Patio

When designing your patio, consider the amount of space you have. What shape do you want it to be when you finish it? Do you want a simple concrete slab design or a more rustic feel with free-form slabs pieced together?

While you’re considering the details, mark out the basic shape you think you want. You can use string, spray paint, or even buckets strategically placed at what would be the corners of the patio to map out the size and shape. This way, you can visualize it to see if it’s the right size and shape.

2. Decide on Materials

There’s no shortage of designs, shapes, sizes, and colors from which to choose. If cost is a factor, stamped concrete is an excellent choice to get a high-end look without paying for expensive materials. You can also use a combination of slab sizes to create a mosaic or other interesting focal point.

The possibilities are seemingly endless with how you can design the patio. The larger the project, the more materials you’ll need. So, consider the size and shape when choosing which materials you want.

3. Consider Lighting

Having the proper lighting setup can help you enjoy your  patio day or night. Solar lights can illuminate the path with soft or bright light, whichever you choose. You can also use string lights to create the perfect atmosphere, day or night. String lights come in almost any color and design you can think of, providing an affordable way to change the theme or ambiance whenever the mood strikes.

4. What About Seating?

Another thing to factor into your project is seating. You can create permanent seating with concrete slabs, elevate the patio off the ground with steps, or build planters to bring some green into the the area.

If you’d rather keep the patio build simple, you can make the area your own with patio furniture. Consider how much seating and what type will work best. Do you prefer a more relaxed atmosphere with sofas and small tables for drinks, or would you rather have a long table to seat your guests? Maybe you want two different areas, one for lounging and one for eating?

Whichever you prefer, make sure there’s enough space to accommodate your vision. If you plan to bring in plants or other decor, consider the floor space needed when designing your patio space.

Bringing Your Patio Vision to Life

When you’ve got the design and materials figured out, it’s time to put your patio vision into action so you can bring it to life! That’s where the professionals at 410-ASPHALT in Crofton, Maryland, come in.

Whether you’re looking for asphalt, concrete, stamped concrete, or something different, we can work with you to create the patio of your dreams. Contact 410-ASPHALT (410-277-4258) today to get a free estimate.