Concrete Swimming Pool Repair

Concrete Swimming Pool RepairWith proper maintenance, concrete swimming pools can last for years. Eventually, though, you may run into a problem with cracks, chips, or hollow spots on your pool’s surface. If you don’t repair your concrete swimming pool, it could cause more significant problems down the road and put your pool out of commission.

Depending on the size and surface area of the damage, you may be able to tackle the swimming pool repair yourself. However, it can’t hurt to have the pros at 410-ASPHALT in Crofton, Maryland, come out to assess the job first. We offer free estimates and can schedule the repair if it’s not something you can DIY.

Concrete Swimming Pool Repair – Tools and Materials

If you’re ready to repair your concrete pool, gather a few tools and materials first:

  • Safety gloves and goggles
  • Concrete grinder
  • Chisel
  • Hammer
  • Putty knife or flat trowel
  • Pool plaster repair kit

3 Steps for Concrete Swimming Pool Repair

1. Prep the Area

If you get a plaster pool repair kit for an above-the-water repair, drain the swimming pool below the area needing repair. Mark each spot for repair, including hollow places that could cause separation at the concrete and gunite underneath.

You can find hollow spots by tapping on the sides of the pool. Anywhere you hear a hollow sound, use the hammer and chisel to remove the loose material.

Wearing proper safety equipment, use the concrete grinder to cut out the cracks about an inch beyond the damaged surface. Rough spots hold the repair better, so roughen up each area to be plastered.

Rinse out any cracks or holes and allow them to dry. Wipe the prepped area to remove dirt, debris, and remaining pool materials.

2. Fill in Cracks and Holes

Mix the swimming pool repair kit ingredients as directed. Moisten the area to be patched and apply the pool patch using the trowel or putty knife. Use light pressure to push the mixture into the cracks to remove air bubbles, discarding excess plaster as needed.

3. Texturize and Fill

If your concrete swimming pool has a rough surface, you can use a slightly wet sponge to match the texture. When you have finished the repair, it’s time to refill the pool. If using an underwater repair kit, follow the instructions on working under the waterline to complete the concrete swimming pool repair.

If the patch is in direct sun, provide shade or cover with a wet towel if you cannot fill the pool right away or if it will take time to fill over the repaired area. This will prevent the plaster from drying too fast, which can cause cracks in the repair.

Not Ready to DIY Your Concrete Swimming Pool Repair?

Call 410-ASPHALT in Crofton, Maryland! We handle asphalt and concrete driveways, sidewalks, parking lots, swimming pools, and more. Whether you need a sidewalk repair, a brand new driveway, or someone to fix a crack in your concrete swimming pool, no job is too small.

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