Sealcoat Your Asphalt Driveway

Sealcoating Tips That Can Save Your Asphalt DrivewaySealcoating your asphalt driveway is a great way to make it last longer. It adds a protective layer to prevent damage to the asphalt from water, chemicals, and road salt. To make your sealcoating last, consider these tips to save your asphalt driveway.

Patch Cracks and Potholes

Before sealcoating, scrutinize the asphalt driveway. You should patch any cracks or potholes larger than ¼ inch before laying down the protective sealcoating layer. This will help your sealcoating do its job and make it last longer, plus your driveway will look brand new with a smooth finish.

Clean the Asphalt Driveway First

While you’re checking over the driveway for cracks and potholes, make a note of any oil or chemical spots. Once the driveway is crack- and pothole-free, use water and detergent to scrub the driveway, paying particular attention to the oil or chemical spots you found earlier. Hose the driveway down once again with water and allow it to dry completely before beginning the seal coat.

Trim the Grass

If the grass butts up to your driveway, trim back the grass surrounding the driveway. Doing this will allow the seal coaters to get into all corners and edges, providing a complete seal, and allowing the layer to last longer.

Check the Weather

Another way to make your sealcoating last the longest is to pay attention to the weather to pick the best conditions. Sealcoating sticks and cures best in temperatures above 50 degrees but no hotter than 80 degrees. You should also check the forecast for rain. Choose a day where there won’t be any rain for at least two days, longer if possible.

Look But Don’t Touch

After the sealcoat has been spread, allow it time to cure. Leave it undisturbed for at least 24 hours, but 48 hours or more is even better. The longer you let it cure, the more it will protect your asphalt driveway without needing another touch-up.

Consider a Second Layer

If you really want your asphalt driveway to stay fresh, consider adding a second layer of sealcoat 24 hours after the first layer. It’ll need more cure time after the second layer, but it will give you even more time between sealcoating sessions.

Reseal Every 2 or 3 Years

Even with the best prep work and time to cure, sealcoating a driveway only lasts so long. Get the asphalt driveway seal coated every two or three years for best results under everyday use. But if you’ve done all the prep work, you might be able to get more than three years out of this sealcoating layer. If you’re unsure if your driveway is ready to be sealcoated, contact 410 Asphalt and we’ll take a look to advise you of when to schedule your next sealcoating.

Your Sealcoating Professionals

With the proper preparation and seal coating, your asphalt driveway can last many years. Contact 410 Asphalt in Crofton, Maryland, today to learn more about seal coating and schedule a free estimate. We can also handle driveway repairs or putting down a fresh asphalt driveway if yours is too far gone.