Can I Put Asphalt Over My Concrete Driveway?

Can I Put Asphalt Over My Concrete Driveway

“Can I put asphalt over my concrete driveway and save money?” It is a question often asked. If your concrete driveway is getting tired, worn, and cracked, you’ll want to spruce up your driveway to maintain curb appeal whether you’re selling your house or not.

Tearing out, or overlaying, your driveway is a big-ticket item. Having a licensed contractor inspect your driveway will help you make an educated decision. Call 410 Asphalt, and one of our professional technicians will examine your driveway. We will give you the best options to keep your driveway in excellent shape.

Tear Out the Concrete or Asphalt Over My Concrete Driveway?

If you’ve been considering updating your driveway, or the RV pad currently in concrete, there are several things to consider.

Is your concrete buckling like a bronco bull at the rodeo? Do you have massive roots from that gorgeous tree wreaking havoc on the concrete slab? If so, you’ll have issues before moving forward with a fresh new driveway, no matter what route you take.

Big cracks, and tree roots lifting a slab, may need to be removed before you install a new driveway. Getting a professional opinion is best, so you aren’t throwing good money away. You’ll need to cut back tree roots infringing on your driveway before you can commence with new work.

What if My Concrete Slab is Level?

If your existing concrete slab is level, it can essentially act as the compacted base you would have had to install before the asphalt pours for your new driveway.

If you’re a serious DIY person, this is still an excellent time to err on the side of caution. Call a professional who can confirm that your old concrete driveway is stable enough to act as the base for a new asphalt driveway before going forward on this big-ticket item.

Is Asphalt Cheaper Than Concrete?

An asphalt driveway is cheaper than concrete and can last 20+ years if cared for properly. You should be sure to fill the cracks as soon as you see them to prevent water from seeping in and potentially causing expansion and contraction issues.

Asphalt prices fluctuate along with crude oil prices. Still, it’s cheaper than concrete and will keep your driveway looking good for years to come.

Is Reclaimed or Recycled Asphalt an Option?

If reclaimed or recycled asphalt is available in your area, it will translate into material cost savings for you. People tearing out old asphalt slabs can ask their contractors about recycling the material to keep more garbage out of the landfill.

Other Considerations for Asphalt Over Concrete

Visualize pulling into your driveway. You open your garage door. The elevation of the slab is significant.

When you pour a slab of asphalt over your existing concrete driveway, the elevation of that new slab is critical. Water runoff must head toward the street, not your foundation or basement.

Make sure to prep the concrete surface correctly to ensure maximum adhesion of the new asphalt.

At 410 Asphalt, we’ll give you a detailed assessment of the current condition of your driveway and make recommendations for a new driveway. After a full inspection by a professional technician, you’ll know your options, have an estimate in hand and be able to check this off your list.

Putting in a new driveway is a job best left to the professionals. Uncle Bob may want to help, but invite him over for a BBQ instead. Pull up a few chairs, and watch the masters at work, knowing your new driveway will be perfect and last for many years.