What’s The Best Time To Lay Asphalt

What’s The Best Time To Lay AsphaltWhen is the best time to lay asphalt? Has your driveway seen better days? Knowing the best time to lay asphalt is critical to having your new paving last as long as possible. As with most building materials, temperature is essential for longevity.

If it’s too cold, the asphalt won’t cure properly. If it’s too hot, your asphalt will be a mess. Both situations can require the asphalt to be torn out and replaced when the temperature is suitable for adequately curing the material.

To find out the best time to lay asphalt, call 410 Asphalt. We’re a licensed professional contractor that will only lay asphalt when we know we can do the job correctly. We take great pride in knowing you’ll enjoy your driveway or any area you want paved for many years to come.

What’s The Best Paving Temperature?

You’ve been looking at your deteriorating driveway for too long. Replacing your paving has made it to the top of your to-do list. It feels warm out to you, so why not get the job done now?

Even though the air feels warm enough, the ground has to reach a specific temperature before we can do a paving project successfully.

Both ground and air temperatures must be between 60º Fahrenheit and 90º Fahrenheit for the material to cure properly. Suppose you are determined to lay your new asphalt above or below those temperatures. In that case, your driveway is unlikely to last 20 plus or minus years you can expect from a job done by a licensed contractor.

Why Is The Temperature For Laying Asphalt So Important?

Asphalt is a material that has some flexibility. Its flexibility is one of the reasons it lasts so long. Asphalt laid in weather that is too cold can become brittle. Cracks can form, and you’ll have an inferior product.

Extreme heat will cause your new asphalt to become gooey, not cure correctly, and you’ll have a driveway that will need to be torn out and replaced. You’ll also be cleaning black asphalt marks off any nearby surface. If you value your indoor flooring and garage floor, practice patience and wait for the best weather to lay your new asphalt.

The Best Time to Lay Asphalt Is Seasonal

Once Spring has begun, it can be tempting to start all the projects you have been considering over the winter. Go ahead and plant some flowers if you can’t wait. If they die, you’re only out a few bucks. Even though it’s warmer outside, the ground temperature is critical to a successfully laid asphalt job.

Late Spring, most of Summer, and early Fall are generally ideal for laying asphalt. If your Spring is unseasonably warm, call 410 Asphalt, and we’ll let you know if it’s an appropriate time to do your asphalt paving. Weather is the crucial element and will be the top consideration. A window of a few days of suitable temperatures is necessary to ensure the asphalt cures properly.

At 410 Asphalt, we know the best time to lay asphalt. Call us so we can schedule an appointment with you. You will meet with one of our professional technicians. They will answer any questions and give you a price estimate for the areas you want to lay asphalt.